An online community for women and girls focused on helping each other through a network of knowledge and personal stories.

What is Girl Lab?

Girl Lab is a female-focused platform aiming to educate women by sharing skills and experiences.
We want to support, empower and inspire women and girls to grow, excel and bring change to their communities.

Our values

We believe education is one of the most effective ways to promote gender equality and empower women and girls, achieving lasting social and economic changes.


We believe in a world where women and girls of all backgrounds are active voices in their communities.


We believe in a world where women's and girls' values, worth and dignity are fully respected; where they are treated fairly; and where they have equal opportunities.


We believe that by creating a network focused on helping women and girls through shared knowledge, we are building a stronger and more inclusive community.


We believe that women and girls can promote systemic change in their lives, organizations and communities.

How does it work?

The online platform will be split into two main sections to help us structure the diversity of our content and make it easier for everyone — not just tech savy people.


This section will be for sharing personal stories and social commentary, through non-fiction essays and fictional short stories, about a wide range of interesting subjects.



This section will be for learning new skills, talents and concepts in an structured way, through a variety of mediums — making the process interesting and inclusive to any level of knowledge and different learning styles.

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Beyond the internet

In order to make education inclusive, we need to go beyond the online world. At the end of any of our lessons, a presentation and a printable kit will be available to download, so our readers can share it with other women with no internet access. Our plan for the future is to also incorporate more online and offline mediums, including:






Want to contribute?

We need your help — so this is where we ask you to be part of Girl Lab in any way you can.
Do you have knowledge and experiences you want to share? Are you a writer, visual artist, videographer? Do you want to share your skills with us? Are you learning amazing things in university and would like to teach other women? Contact us for more information:

[email protected]

Our timeline

Idea Foundation Funding Curating initial content Launch

We need funding! Right now we're doing everything from pocket and our own skills, but we need contacts and resources to make it happen. Do you think you can help in any way? E-mail us at [email protected] for more information!